Who We Are

Your Healthcare Partner

MMC provides 24-hour care, every day of the year. In stark contrast to most national healthcare programs, MMC is dedicated to the individual. Committed, caring service is at the heart of what we do, and we do it for every individual in need.

MMC focuses on providing primary preventative measures though routine health maintenance, in tandem with cure and/or management of disease and illness. We offer a package of services, giving special attention to:

  • Primary care (e.g. malaria, vaccinations, childhood diseases, etc.)
  • Maternal/perinatal services
  • TB
  • Emergency transport
  • Health education

Our clinics are run by locally trained professionals with a keen understanding of the healthcare challenges and needs each community faces. We partner with and refer to regional hospitals to ensure all our patients’ needs are met – even those we may not treat on-site, and we engage with relevant government ministries to strengthen the delivery and quality of healthcare for our patients.