What Differentiates MMC

Innovation and Sustainable Approach

Doctor with childMMC is the first of its kind in Eastern Africa: an indigenous healthcare provider entirely committed to providing affordable, comprehensive, and quality healthcare for the poorest of the poor of Eastern Africa … while remaining sustainable. MMC imagines a new future for rural healthcare.

This future is based upon constant innovation, fearless adaptability, and an organic understanding of how rural communities operate. We find solutions within the complexity of the societies we serve, capitalizing on needs typically discarded for being too hard to meet. We build services around these opportunities and leverage local economies to support them. MMC confronts need unlike any healthcare provider.

We believe in adding value to our services and having patients invest in their own health. Charging a nominal fee for our services (one relevant to the local economy) not only aids in MMC’s sustainability, it adds concrete value to the services we offer. (No person, however, is ever turned away from MMC for inability to pay.)

As we continue to grow, MMC remains steadfastly committed to the unique needs of the people we serve. Our sustainable approach ensures no interruption in the delivery of healthcare. In a climate where medical services are often as seasonal as the rains, our patients know we are there for them, no matter what.

At Mama Maria Clinics we don’t just provide healthcare. We offer hope.