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Introducing Mama-careMamaCare Initiative

Mama Maria Clinics officially rolls out the National Health Insurance Fund program (NHIF) this May. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve chosen to celebrate NHIF with the launch of our new MamaCare program.

A woman dies every 90 seconds from complications of pregnancy. 90% of these deaths are preventable. Most take place in developing countries, in the hours around the time of birth. We want to give as many mamas as possible the gift of safe delivery, and have set a goal of enrolling 50 new mamas in the month of May. You can help us get there.

For $50 you can ensure one mother is enrolled in MamaCare and is guaranteed the following benefits:

  • Access to quality perinatal services, including safe delivery, free of charge, at MMC (or any other accredited MMC partner)
  • Government health insurance for 12 months (length of pregnancy, plus 3 months)
  • Coverage at accredited providers throughout the nation – for mother, her newborn, and family
  • Emergency services/transport

Help provide a safe pregnancy and birth for a new mama and her baby.

$50 covers 1 mother for one year

$250 covers 5 mothers for one year

$500 covers 10 mothers for one year

Enroll Mamas Now

Enroll a mama – or many mamas – and give the promise of safe delivery to pregnant women … who don’t deserve to become a statistic.