MMC Blood Transfusion Center Now Open


Urgent blood transfusion, were it actually available, could save millions of lives throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in children under five suffering from the effects of malaria.

Unfortunately rural African blood banking facilities are barely existent. Usually a transfusion is the dream that would have saved a child’s life, and 60% of children suffering from malaria-related anemia die before that dream can happen. 

Early January our dream came true: MMC launched the Blood Transfusion Centre at Muhuru Bay. We gladly bid farewell to needless death and suffering due to lack of available blood supply.

Already, two weeks in, our new blood transfusion center is working miracles … or at least no longer requiring them to stay alive. The child battling malaria in the photo below was carried over rocky terrain some thirty+ miles in search of a blood transfusion. She found one – and a second chance at life – at MMC.

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