Mission and Values

Our Mission
To reduce preventable illness and death in underserved African communities through innovative, reliable, and sustainable healthcare solutions.

Our Values
MMC’s values are critical in guiding the work we do, the product we create, and the relationships we forge.

Respect – We make no distinction in service or operation in regards to tribe, clan, religion, status, or other trappingsSister with baby that often handicap communities. This includes a fundamental philosophy dedicated to building a diverse workforce in all the communities we serve.

Innovation – We believe in harnessing the untapped potential of ideas unique to the regions we serve – blending our localized knowledge with creativity and imagination to look at challenges differently, to offer innovative solutions.

Passion – We are dedicated, above all else, to changing lives through healthcare, fueled by a belief that we candeliver this fundamental human right to our clients in a way no one else can.

Integrity – We are driven to provide for as many patients as we can access to fair, affordable, and quality healthcare, using systems built on operational excellence.

Accountability – We are focused on tangible, measurable results based on efficiency and financial discipline. We are committed to financial success and accountability to our partners, donors, investors, patients, and employees.

Excellence – We believe in the differentiating quality of excellence and strive to create a brand and product that is underscored by this principle. We strive to ensure that every service, building, system, program, and staff member reflects an excellence that surpasses expectation.