Maternal & Child Health

We believe every child deserves an optimal entry into the world. We therefore work to ensure the health of eachMaternal Care pregnant mother and child by offering support from the prenatal to beyond birth. We focus on family planning, nutritional supplementation, pregnancy monitoring, perinatal classes, HIV mother-to-child prevention, and labor and delivery services. Beyond delivery we provide continued well-baby checks, subsequent check-ups, immunization services, as well as nutritional monitoring for mother and child.

Our goal is to dramatically improve chances for a healthy pregnancy, safe birth, and the disease-free survival of the infant.

Our Approach

  • We employ a hands-on approach to ensuring a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • We offer testing, perinatal classes and care, delivery services, neonatal car and support
  • We stop the spread of HIV to the baby through mother-to-child transmission prevention
  • We provide childhood vaccination, nutritional support, and weight monitoring
  • We offer the best chance for life by optimizing circumstances in-utero and postpartum