About Mama Maria Clinics

Mama Maria Clinics (MMC) provides innovative, sustainable healthcare to underserved African communities. An indigenous, community-centric solution, we are building an entirely new healthcare infrastructure designed to serve the poor of rural Africa.

Our clinics offer a comprehensive package of services that include:

  • Primary care (e.g. malaria, vaccinations, childhood dieases, etc.)
  • Maternal/perinatal services
  • HIV/AIDS, TB – prevention, education, and care
  • Emergency transport
  • Health
  • Education

Doctor with boyOur suite of curative and preventive health services differs from those provided by hospitals or other clinics, approaching the unique health needs of rural communities comprehensively, and offering care to all who stand in need.

MMC focuses on delivering a model that breaks the traditional rural African healthcare mold: one based on dependency, enablement, lack of accountability, and individual investment — and replaces it with integrated systems, accurate need-assessments, improved accountability, enhanced access, and high-quality healthcare for all, regardless of class, tribe, clan, or status.

We work with an array of local and global partners including government health ministries, parastatal organizations, and pharmaceutical and private companies. Our approach blends individual-focused and systems-based care while maximizing localized resources within the community.

For more information about our work or for partnership opportunities, please contact us.